Review: KABOOST Portable Chair Booster




How neat is this KABOOST Portable Chair Booster!  I love how the booster is underneath the chair, rather than underneath your child’s bottom – not only is it a safer solution, it makes your kiddo feel like a big boy or girl, sitting at the table just like Mom & Dad!  Most kids don’t want to sit in a booster seat because they feel like a baby.  With the KABOOST, they can sit at a level just like everyone else and see their entire plate.  Much safer then kneeling or standing on a chair!  The KABOOST features an adjustable spring system, simply sretch the spring loaded arms to  fit the chair legs (supports both round and square legs).  It stays firmly attached even when the chair is moved.  It’s enginered to improve chair stability and holds up to 300 pounds.  The rubberized feet make it non-slip and prevents the floor from being scratched.  Because the KABOOST is so lightweight and compact, it’s easy to take with you to restaurants, trips, and Grandma & Grandpa’s house!  Available in four great colors at

Click HERE to watch a video of the KABOOST Portable Chair Booster in action!



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