Review: The Peanut Shell Baby Carrier Sling & Nursing Cover




There’s no better way to carry your baby then close to the warmth and comfort of your chest.  The Peanut Shell Baby Carrier Sling is a hip and comfortable way to do just that!  The slings are made of a soft stretchable fabric and contain no buckles that could harm or scratch your little one.  There’s even extra padding built in to keep the fabric from cutting into your baby’s leg.  The collection is full of cute fabrics and patterns that will keep you and your baby stylin’!  It’s super easy to put on and even comes with an instructional DVD to help you!  Every Peanut Shell Baby Carrier comes with a pocket in the front to place essential items such as your cell phone along with a ring to attach keys, your baby’s toys, or a pacifier.  Perfect whether your heading to the mall or the zoo!

Click HERE to see an instructional video on how to correctly put on the sling!  Click HERE to see an instructional video on how to correctly place your baby inside the sling! 

Another great product Bees Who Buzz got to try out from The Peanut Shell is their chic nursing covers.  Now it’s easy to feed your little guy or gal in private with this super soft, lightweight cover.  It’s 100% cotton, machine washable, adjustable, and features a quick-release neck strap.  It’s available in a variety of cute, fashionable designs that make even breast feeding hip!  Available at    

About The Peanut Shell:

“Having a baby doesn’t change your spirit. You’re still a friend, a wife, a lover, a musician, a poet. You live life ‘out loud’ embracing all that life throws at you. Welcome to the Peanut Shell®, home of parent gear that compliments your sense of life’style’. So you can be ready for anything, from the runway to a runny nose. After all, being a mom doesn’t mean you need to be tethered to home. You’re the same smart, vivacious, social butterfly you were before you spent 35 hours in labor.

It’s our mission and life’s passion, to make sure the following years, months, weeks, hours and minutes, that you share with your child, will be the most exhilarating, rewarding, and yes, stylish moments, ever.

So then go. Go on with your life, baby in tow. We applaud you. We support you. Shop organic, keep the convertible, go to Florence. p.s. Just go.”



2 Responses to “Review: The Peanut Shell Baby Carrier Sling & Nursing Cover”

  1. 1 Maxim

    Nicely done! It’s very attractive and if I had a baby… would go for it!
    keep well,

  2. Oh this looks so much better than the one I used with my son! I can’t wait to get this one for the next kiddo!

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