Review: Tassi




Don’t you just hate it when your trying to wash your face or put on makeup and your hair is constantly getting in the way?  Enter the Tassi…the perfect tool to keep your hair away from your face.  The Tassi is made of a comfortable stretch terry cloth and goes on in 3 easy steps.   It keeps your “do” looking great, unlike rubber bands, headbands, and clips that can dent or flatten your hair.  The Tassi is available in 12 great colors:

  • white
  • soft pink
  • hot pink
  • chocolate brown
  • lavender
  • powder blue
  • lime green
  • tan
  • tangerine
  • turquoise
  • chili pepper
  • red
  • black

The tassi can be thrown in the washer and dryer, so it can be used again and again!  To see a video demonstration of the Tassi, visit the Tassi website at!

About the founder:

“Founder Shawna Ellsworth created the Tassi based on a hairwrap her Aunt Dot used to make for her three teenage daughters. Shawna began using Aunt Dot’s hairwrap, too, when she washed her face each night. Over the years while raising five children, Shawna refined and developed Aunt Dot’s original concept. Eventually, she obtained a patent and began selling Tassies from her home in Arizona by word of mouth. Women loved them and became raving fans! Now, Shawna is ready to share the Tassi with women everywhere.

PS: Keep up with Shawna by reading her blog. She invites you to send her your favorite ways to use the Tassi.”



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