Review: Perfumes, Body Butters, Candles, & More from Pacifica



Pacifica was started by husband and wife duo, Brooke Harvey-Taylor and Billy Taylor, who wanted to reflect their talents, passion for nature, and beauty and health through their company.  Brook had been making her own fragrances since high school and trained in aromatherapy during college.  She started off by making candles and orders were flying out left and right.  Over 12 years later, Pacifica has emerged into a prosperous brand with Candles, Spray & Solid  Perfumes, Body Butters, and Natural Soaps, with scents that are sophisticated and complex, easy to wear and affordable.  

I was given the great opportunity to try out quite a few of Pacifica’s products and was pleasantly pleased!


Pacifica Perfume blends are all made with essential and natural oils, perfect for layering and creating your own unique scent.  Each vintage glass bottle is uniquely decorated with a beautiful design.  The Vanilla Vera Cruz has a warm, sweet smell of vanilla bean while the Sandalwood has sweet citrusy top notes.  

There are a variety of exotic fragrances to choose from including:  

  •  Avalon Juniper
  •  Bali Lime Papaya
  •  French Lilac
  •  Brazilian Mango Grapefruit
  •  Malibu Lemon Blossom
  •  Nerola Orange Blossom
  •  Madagascar Spice
  •  Sandalwood
  •  Hawaiian Ruby Guava
  •  Mexican Cocoa
  •  Mediterranean Fig
  •  Tahitian Gardenia
  •  Spanish Amber
  •  Tibetian Mountain Temple
  •  Thai Lemongrass
  •  Vanilla Vera Cruz
  •  Waikiki Pikake


Also available in these scents are Pacifica’s solid perfumes.  They are the perfect accessory for traveling or to keep in your purse, because quite honestly, who wants to lug around a big heavy glass bottle that will most likely break!  The solid perfumes each come in their own uniquely decorated tin, perfecting for gift giving.  At $9 bucks a pop, it’s easy to have a variety of scents on hand!



Pacifica’s soy candles are made with clean and natural vegetable soy wax and lead free wicks that releases the scent generously.  I was given the Madagascar Spice and the Thai Lemongrass scents to try.  The Madagascar Spice candle has hints of sweet orange and black pepper, with strong notes of spicy clove, primarily which is produced in Madagascar.  The Thai Lemongrass candle is filled with a grassy, lemon scent, with earthy undertones.  Perfect for those who like fresh, clean fragrances!


Pacifica’s Body Butters come in a wonderful selection of addictive fragrances that are sure to quench your skin with rich luxurious moisture.  The Mediterranean Fig Body Butter I tried out has a spicy woodsy scent with palm, cyclamen, sweet fig, moss, and clove set in a base of woody sandalwood.  The Spanish Amber Body Butter is a warming blend with resinous amber notes at its heart, rosy geranium and woody sandalwood in the middle, and citrusy bergamot and elemi at the top.  Perfect for these cold winter months that leave my skin feeling itchy and dry!


Pacifica’s natural soaps are all handmade with natural, biodegradable ingredients.  The scents are all fresh, fragrant and clean and will leave you feeling refreshed and rejuvenated in no time!  Perfect for gift giving, all of Pacifica’s products come beautifully packaged – no need to wrap!

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