Review: Jolly Time Popcorn



I am a movie buff, I wouldn’t say I’m an expert at movie trivia or anything, but I absolutely LOVE to watch flicks!  One of my must-haves during showtime is popcorn!  It’s just not the same if you don’t have a big bowl of the light & fluffy stuff to pass around!  Jolly Time has been around since 1914, and is the original brand name of popcorn in America.  It’s a fourth generation, family owned company (which I absolutely love, I’m all about supporting the family owned companies.)  Click HERE to check out the Jolly Time Family Tree! They have a super variety of flavors to choose from, everything from fun flavors like Mallow Magic (marshmallow flavor) and Sassy Salsa to the original and classic Blast-O-Butter!  For those of us watching our waists they offer 100 calorie bags and 94% fat free Healthy Pop Butter & Kettle Corn (endorsed by Weight Watcher).  There’s something yummy for everyone at Jolly Time

Visit the Jolly Time website to get money saving coupons, recipes, and more!



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