Review: Case of Corns & Sticks from the LesserEvil Brand Snack Company




OK, so here’s the deal: I told myself that 2009 is the year to get healthy.  No more junk food – although it’s going to be tough since my husband has an incredible metabolism and can eat pretty much anything he wants!  The problem is, I love snacky foods!  Chips, cheezy puffs, pretty much anything with salt and I’m all over it like white on rice!  Thanks to the LesserEvil Brand Snack Company, I can snack away without the guilt!  I had the opportunity to test out their delicious Case of Corns & Sticks, perfect for Super Bowl entraining!  The case contains 3 Big Bags of each:


 Classic Kettle Kettle Corn – slightly-sweet, slightly-salty, entirely perfect (three 6.5oz bags)


 Black & White Kettle Corn – a less evil way to get your chocolate fix (three 6.5oz bags)


 Classic Sea Salt Krinkle Sticks – that crunch you love, without all the fat of a potato chip (three 5oz bags)


 Sour Cream & Onion Krinkle Sticks – the same satisfying crunch of a Krinkle Stick with the rich flavor of sour cream and the zest of onion (three 5oz bags)


It’s the perfect combo of salty and sweet snacks! 


About the Company from their website:


You can’t say “snack food” without thinking “potato chips.” Those lovely, thin-cut, deep fried and seasoned potatoes are sooooo good! But with 10+ grams of fat, saturated fats, cholesterol and even trans-fatty acids – it’s a guilt trip just looking at a bag. 


That’s why we created LesserEvil Krinkle Sticks™. Each of our four crinkle-shaped potato snacks are made from domestically grown potatoes, have a huge crunch and through many, many rounds in the kitchen have a delicious and dynamic flavor. They are also: 


 All Natural

 Baked – not fried

 75% Less Fat than regular potato snacks*

 Cholesterol Free

 No Saturated Fat

 No Trans-Fats

 No Artificial Flavors


 Gluten Free

 110 calories for about 40 sticks


Corn was made for popping and kettle corn was eventually destined to be made in a less evil way. We’ve taken all the fun, crunchy deliciousness you get from those county fair kettle corn stands and kept out the high fats, corn syrup and trans-fatty acids. It took a few batches to find the perfect balance of sweet, salt, butter and crunch, but we got there…and it is GOOD.


After creating our Classic Kettle flavor, we kept going in the kitchen and today we have a whole bunch of really interesting flavors. And we didn’t forget our LesserEvil promise, so we’re proud to say they have the qualities to match:

 All Natural

 Air-popped (never oil)

 No Trans-Fats

 No Artificial Flavors

 No Preservatives

 Whole Grain

 Gluten Free

 110 calories / serving


To us, snacks are a really good thing. They can satisfy a hunger, delight the senses, give us a break in the day, provide nutrition and even induce a smile. Very good stuff indeed. Of course, there are plenty of things out there that give snacks a bad name, therefore one must walk through the world of snacks with caution. So choose a snack made from ingredients you recognize. Remember, too much of anything is usually not a good thing (especially things like calories, fats, cholesterol and sodium). Keep it natural and snack on things that have great taste and texture. If you have a craving to snack on fruits or vegetables, do it – they are the healthiest snacks to choose from. If you crave something different, make sure you choose the LesserEvil. While our snacks are certainly not baby carrots and broccoli, they are all natural, real foods with nothing artificial (nada! zip! zero!).


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