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I remember when I was a kid and my Mom used to take me and my brother and sister to the Science Center.  One of my favorite things to do there was the activity where you had to touch and feel hidden objects and try to identify what they were.  Thanks to The Touch Game, I can relive those fun childhood memories!  The Touch Game is an innovative, fast paced game for the entire family.  The object of the game is to identify & collect educational game pieces by touch alone. The game is played by placing the game pieces inside the dome and the playing cards set up around it.  Players spin the indicator ring, selecting a card with the red indicator arrow. They then set the timer and reach in to find the pieces on their card using only their sense of touch, as other players watch through the clear window. The player who is searching cannot see which pieces they are feeling, but they learn to ‘visualize’ each piece as they search. At the same time, their opponents are engaged while observing them through the transparent viewing window on the opposite side of the lit dome.  If the player pulls out a piece that is not on their card, they must put it back in the dome and their turn is over.  For complete instructions on how to play this award winning game, click here.  The Touch Game is fun for all ages, and also beneficial to players with special needs.  It helps to develop fine motor and visualization skills, while challenging memory at the same time.


The Touch Game comes with a built-in timer, a lit observation window, 20 theme cards and 49 play pieces

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