Review: What the F*ck? The Raunchy Version game from Kheper Games




My sister is getting married in June and since I am the Matron of Honor, it’s my job to throw her the BEST Bachelorette Party EVER!  That would include some serious drinking and I have just the game to play!  Kheper Games sent over their newest version of What the F*CK? The Raunchy Version for us to try out.  The game features over 400 outrageous questions and you have to guess how the other players are going to answer.  If you do not correctly predict a player’s response, you take a one, two, or three drink penalty!  The more outrageous questions carry the stiffest drinking penalties! 


The game includes:

  •  Two What the F*ck books
  •  A Raunchy Terms Glossary
  •  Three Dice
  •  Twenty-four A/B coins 


What’s great about this game is that you can have 2 – 100+ players!  This way no one feels left out and players can easily enter and exit the game as you play.


Visit to find out where this and other Kheper games are available!



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