Review: Double Shots Coffee Mug Press




We love this innovative Mug Press from Planetary Design  Now it’s easy to have fresh coffee on the go whenever you want!  We had the opportunity to try out the Double Shots Mug Press.  It’s constructed of double-walled 18/8 restaurant-grade stainless steel and features a patented plunger press and ultra-fine stainless-steel mesh screen.  The exterior is made of high gloss, scratch-resistant, baked enamel finish and comes in 7 great colors to choose from (Black, Chrome, Pink, Cornflower Blue, Iris, Mango, and Wasabi).  There’s even a hidden storage compartment in the base for additional coffee grounds!  Available at


About the Company: “Brilliance often strikes in times of desperation. Such was one brisk summer morning deep in the Bob Marshall Wilderness of Western Montana when our original designer, an avid outdoorsman and coffee connoisseur dropped and shattered his traditional glass French Press. Painfully struggling through his morning make-shift brew he vowed to invent the most indestructible, functional French Press on the planet. Soon thereafter, the Big Sky Bistro was born. This lightweight camping unit was the Press AND the mug, simplicity brilliantly coupled with functionality; the original French Press Mug. 


Thus were the humble beginnings of what is today Planetary Design; an innovative company dedicated to providing, preserving and perfecting the small things that make life more enjoyable. The award-winning design team evolved the Big Sky Bistro into a line of nearly indestructible, stunning, stainless steel French press mugs and continued on to traditional Table Top French Presses, Drinkware and the new Airscape, a vacuum-seal storage canister. 


Planetary Design’s strength and success centers around cutting-edge innovation, commitment to using quality material, exceptional customer service and strategic partnerships.


Our corporate offices are still nestled near the Bob Marshall Wilderness in Missoula, Montana where our award-winning design team continues to improve on the French Press, French Press Mugs and other fine beverage and food related accessories.”


Check out our review on Organic Flavored Syrups from Liquid Planet!  The perfect addition to your coffee drink!



One Response to “Review: Double Shots Coffee Mug Press”

  1. 1 aldancyspeaks

    Thanks for blogging about this. I love French press coffee, but I’m usually a bit lazy, and don’t want to bring a glass press with me to work etc. I’ll definitely be getting one of the double shots!

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