Review: Sticklers, Soufflé & Glaze 3-D Ink Pens




Growing up as a child, I had a passion for arts and crafts, and still do today.  I always get excited when I take a trip to my local craft store and see all the new pens, markers, stickers, etc… that are available!  Sakura of America graciously sent us their new Sticklers, Soufflé 3-D puffy ink pens, and Glaze 3-D ink pens to try out!  Sticklers are self-adhesive metallic die-cut stickers that make it easy to personalize electronics, notebooks, lunch boxes, card, notes, crafts and lots more!  My Mom and Sister both have the same phone, so my Mom used some cool Sticklers on the face of hers so that they could tell them apart.  The Sticklers Kits include 3 Glaze or Soufflé three dimensional (3-D) ink pens with gold or silver metallic stickers.  The Glaze 3-D pens give the stickers a glossy transparent color, while the Soufflé pens give them a matte opaque pastel color.  What’s even more unique and fabulous is that the pens leave a raised ink effect that you can actually feel with your finger tips!  The Glaze and Soufflé pens come in a variety of colors and can be purchased in a larger pack, separate from the Stickler Kits as well.  Perfect for crafts at home or activities on the road, Sticklers will provide your kids with hours of fun entertainment!


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  1. Nice writing. You are on my RSS reader now so I can read more from you down the road.

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