Review: AB/CD Onesie from The Trendy Tadpole










Nothing screams cool like a witty, hip, trendy onesie for your little one. We found just that at The Trendy Tadpole!  They have a super cool collection of clever onesies that are sure to get a ton of laughs and giggles!  My favorite is the AB/CD black onesie.  Underneath the AB/CD it reads, “For Those About to Read We Salute You.”  There’s one that reads “These Aren’t the Parents I Ordered,” as well as “B.Y.O.B. for Bring Your Own Bottle.”  The onesies are available in a variety of colors and you can choose between short and long sleeve length.  You’ll have the whole neighborhood rolling with laughter!  Available at



One Response to “Review: AB/CD Onesie from The Trendy Tadpole”

  1. What a fantastic design.!! I want to get the trendy onesie for my little one.

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