Review: QuikCamo Hats




QuikCamo Hats use a combination of “Health & Stealth Technology.”  It includes key factors to overall provide you with a better hunt including:


 Scent Bandit anti-microbial technology

 Won’t impair your hearing

 Eyewear compatible

 Complete face coverage

 Quick drying/moisture wicking/breathable

 Scent Reduction Technology


The hats come in two different styles as shown above, QuickCamo Front (forwards cap) and QuickCamo Rear (backwards cap).  The camouflage mask tucks up into the hat until you are ready to use it.  After you have arrived at your hunting spot, simply take the QuikCamo Hat off your head and shake the mask down.  Then reposition the hat on your head.  The hats come in one size fits all, and the QuickCamo Rear hat also comes in Big Guy Size.  You’ll be camouflaged, hidden from wildlife,  and ready to go in no time!  Available at   



One Response to “Review: QuikCamo Hats”

  1. 1 sunvalleyfiredepartment

    Thanks for the heads up!! I found the best price for these at with free shipping!! Cheers!!

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