Review of Keyboard For Blondes







OMG!  Check out this amazing Keyboard For Blondes!  I’m not blonde, but I couldn’t resist getting my hands on this chic keyboard to review & share with all of you fair haired girly-girls out there!  The bubble gum pink keyboard has replaced some of the standard keys with wittier, comical key names.  The Delete button now reads Oops!, the Esc. button reads No!, the entire row of function keys at the top spells out USELESS KEYS (but lets face it, those buttons ARE pretty useless!)  Some of my favorite keys are the number keys to the right side, they represent domino blocks!  Some of the keys have fun sounds built in: Hit the “$” key and you hear a cash register clinking!  Visit the Keyboard For Blondes website to see all of the other clever keys!  


From the Keyboard For Blondes website: “Keyboard For Blondes is compatible with all desktops and laptops including MAC, Windows, and Linux.  Requires USB port and a good sense of humor.  Keyboard For Blondes has 103 keys, 64 of them are fun-marked.  We changed the look and personality of a keyboard but not its functionality.  And Yes, it works as a regular keyboard.  But so much more fun.  You may even type happier!”  


Available for $49.95 at


Makes a super cute novelty gift for your favorite blond!



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