Review: Embrace: “The Bra Strap Solution”, “A Fresh Pair”, and “In Place”






Don’t you just hate when you wear a tank top and those unruly bra straps just keep slipping out for all of the world to see?  The creators of embrace did, and they wanted to do something about it.  They knew that products existed, but they wanted something better so they came up with The Bra Strap Solution.  It’s a fully detachable bra accessory that converts any bra into a cross back style.  It’s comfortable yet discreet, while adding lift and support.  Perfect for sleeveless tops, racerback tanks, workout wear, dresses, and more!  After receiving rave reviews of this simple, yet much needed solution, they decided to expand their line and create equally fabulous helpful products.  




A Fresh Pair, Undergarment Leaf Soap, ends that dreadful problem of running out of clean undergarments while on vacation.  The soap leaves are infused with fresh pear undertones, perfect for hand washing your delicates while on the go.  They dissolve quickly and rinse easily.  Each pack contains 20 soap leaves and is the size of an oversized match book.  Perfect to keep in your purse and luggage and takes up absolutely no room!






In Place by embrace is a wonderful product that holds EVERYTHING into place.  The pack contains 24 strips (2.5” length x 0.5” width) of double stick tape that holds skin to fabric and fabric to fabric to make you feel secure, and “in place!”  It’s perfect for plunging necklines, open side dresses, strapless tops, torn hems, blouse gaps, and more!  Keep one in your purse for those fashion fixes!




To find out where all of these fabulous products are available visit

“No Embrace.  No Solutions.  Know Embrace.  Know Solutions”








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