Review of Scene It? Deluxe Movie 2nd Edition DVD Board Game




Our entire family had a blast reviewing the Scene It? Deluxe Movie 2nd Edition DVD game over the Holiday season!  What’s great about the Deluxe Movie 2nd Edition, is that it features more recent films such as “King Kong”, “The Devil Wears Prada”, “Walk The Line”, and “I Heart Huckabees”, to name a few!  The object is to be the first to get to the end of the board game, the “Final Cut”, by correctly answering questions on your TV screen as well as answering questions from the Trivia Cards.  There are also “Buzz Cards” than can possibly help you along or make you go back spaces.  There is one six-sided die to determine how many spaces to move, and one eight-sided die that determines the category to be played.  The questions  on the DVD come in the form of puzzles, movie clips, sound clips, pictograms, spellbinders, and more!  Special technology randomizes the order of the clips, ensuring fresh fun each time the game is played!  Fun for all ages!  Visit to see all of the other available Scene It? titles including Scene It? Disney, Scene It? Seinfeld, Scene It? Star Trek and many more!


Click HERE to see a preview of Scene It? Deluxe Movie 2nd Edition 


What’s in the box

  •  2 DVDs
  •  1 Flextime game board
  •  1 six-sided die
  •  1 eight-sided category die
  •  4 collectible metal player tokens
  •  160 trivia cards
  •  30 Buzz cards
  •  4 reference cards
  •  Game play instructions


Please note: 

You must have a TV, DVD Player, & Remote to play this game!



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