Review of itzbeen Baby Care Timer




Any mom or dad knows that remembering your baby’s schedule can sometimes be pretty hectic and stressful.  It’s hard to keep track of certain details like the last time you changed their diaper, fed them, gave them medicine, or they went down for a nap.  One couple found themselves sleep-deprived and needing help to remember certain baby care details so they invented itzbeen, the baby care timer.  Itzbeen is super easy to use, there are only four buttons (diaper change, nursing or feeding, sleep or wake, and medication or other task), each one has a timer that will help you count up so you know how long “itzbeen” since you last completed a certain task.  There is an optional timer that lets you set a reminder alarm.  If the time limit is reached, the button lights up and an alarm will briefly sound.  There is a softly lit backlight, so you can easily read the itzbeen timer in the dark as well as a nursing reminder that helps mom remember which side she nursed on last.  The itzbeen baby care timer would make a wonderful gift for any new mom or dad and would make an excellent, unique shower gift as well!  Available at 



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