Review of Buttoned Up Organizational Products




Life is hectic, we all know it.  Between school, work, kids, and just everyday life, it’s hard to get and stay organized.  Buttoned Up helps us with this task by providing an abundance of products each designed to help us with our daily routine.  They were extremely gracious to send us a wonderful sampling of their organizational products to review!  Below you will find a picture of each item submitted for review and a brief description on how it will help you to get a little more organized in 2009!


Collision.kit – Your car Buttoned Up.

collisionkit_large2If you’ve ever been in a car accident, you know it’s a little overwhelming.  Not only are you upset, you are trying to remember all of the information you are supposed to get from the other party.  It’s easy to leave the scene without all of the proper information.  The Collision.kit from Buttoned Up helps you with that task by supplying you with pre-printed cards to capture vital information for all parties involved, a pen, a clipboard, an envelope to hold your current registration and insurance information, and most importantly, a flash camera – because a picture is worth a thousand words. Make sure to keep it in your glove compartment so you’re always prepared!  $14.95  Click here to look inside the Collision.kit!



Password.log – Your passwords Buttoned Up.

35664_medI have about a zillion password and usernames for all kinds of different websites and blogs.  It’s so easy to keep track of them all with the Password.log from Buttoned Up!  Each page has a designated area for you to record the title, url, user name, password, password changes & dates, and notes of each website.  The book holds up to 100 passwords!  $4.00  Click here to look inside the Password.log book!




Receipt.catcher – Your car receipts Buttoned Up.

35665_medIf you would have looked inside my purse and car about a month ago, you would have been amazed at how many crumpled receipts (might I add, IMPORTANT receipts) were laying all over the place.  Look now, and you’ll find not one, thanks to the Receipt.catcher from Buttoned Up!  It contains nine tabbed sections making it easy to organize all of your receipts.  The tabs include: groceries, atm, transport, clothes, gifts, electronics, computer, work and one blank.  Keep one in your purse, car, ad at your desk, and you’ll always feel secure knowing where your receipts are!  $10.00 Click here to look inside the Receipt.catcher!
 – Your dates Buttoned Up.

birthdaybookNever forget another friends Birthday again with the from Buttoned Up.  Just jot down whoevers Birthday or Anniversary you want to remember in the dates provided (there are three dates per page with plenty of space to write down everyone you want to remember).  It includes a list of Anniversary themes and special days, including Holidays, throughout the year.  $5.00  Click here to look inside the!





Greetings.stash – your last minute greetings Buttoned Up.

35661_medLife is full of celebrations.  Sometime so many that it’s hard to keep track of all of the Birthdays, Anniversaries, Graduations, and all other reasons to celebrate.  The Greetings.stash from Buttoned Up is a handy think to have when you need to send that last minute card, or you don’t have enough time to run to to store to pick one up.  The bag contains 12 handy 4×6 cards ( 6 Happy Birthday, 2 Happy Anniversary, 2 Thank You, and 2 Blank).  Now you’ll always be prepared!  $7.00  Click here to look inside the Greetings.stash!




GiftCard.log – Your gift cards Buttoned Up.

giftcardlogI received an abundance of gift cards this past Holiday season.  I used to keep them in an envelope, but could never remember the remaining balance on them.  The GiftCard.log from Buttoned Up solves this problem!  The durable green wallet contains plastic inserts to hold up to 16 gift cards.  Thirty paper insert pages are included to keep track of the dollar amount and remaining balance of each card.  $12.00 Click here to look inside the GiftCard.log!




Errand.pad – Your errands Buttoned Up.

35649_lrgLet’s face it – lists make life easier, and life is easier with the Errand.pad from Buttoned Up.  Contains 75 sheets, each sheet has approximately 27 lines for you to write down  all of your errands for the day/week.  Each line contains 3 small circles for you to check labeled Priority, Delegate, and Done.  $5.00 Click here to look inside the Errand.pad!





Chore.pad – Your chores Buttoned Up.

35672_lrgcaseChores can be extremely daunting.  Between taking out the trash, doing the laundry and dishes, washing the car, mowing lawn, and all of the other required duties, it can be a strain on everyone.  The Chore.pad from Buttoned Up makes chores seem a little easier.  I’m not sure why, but I feel a lot better every time I check something off of my chore list, maybe because I feel as if I accomplished something.  It’s fun to see more and more check marks appear as the list get smaller and smaller.  The Chore.pad features 75 pages, each displaying a list of weekly chores.  There’s even a little key at the bottom that features thank you expressions such as allowance and hugs & kisses, so you remember to appreciate whoever helped out with the chores!  $5.00  Click here to look inside the Chore.pad!




Pet.doc – Your pet Buttoned Up.

35658_lrgcaseMy husband gave me a puppy this past Christmas (her name is Lola), so I am super excited to have this handy Pet.doc from Buttoned Up to keep me organized and up-to-date on all of her family and medical history.  It contains forms for everything from basic license numbers to immunization records to detailed medical histories & training notes.  The agenda-sized bound notebook has sections for up to two pets.  It also holds all the vital info concerning pet sitters, food, even their favorite toys, so that you can feel safe and secure when leaving for vacation.  $8.00  Click here to look inside the Pet.doc!





Family.agenda – Your family schedule Buttoned Up.

familyagendaBrand new from Buttoned Up is the Family.agenda, a wonderful product for multi-tasking moms that helps you stay on top of who needs to be where.  It features 12 undated months, each month has one page for capturing basic schedules, a second page has a month-at-a-glance feature and a weekly agenda to ensure you’re on top of it all!  $10.00  Click here to look inside the Family.agenda!





Habit.former – Your habits Buttoned Up.

35662_lrgcaseThe amount of tasks that we continually have to complete can be overwhelming and leave us feeling exhausted.  The Habit.former from Buttoned Up helps us by allowing us to divide the tasks up, finishing one a day, so that we gradually get in the habit of them and they don’t make us feel so weighed down.  Simply follow the instructions on each playing-sized card once a day.  By the end of the month, you will have completed thirty bite sized tasks!  You’ll be well on your way to being truly Buttoned Up!  $6.00  Click here to look inside the Habit.former!


Available in our Bees Who Buzz Amazon Store under the category Stationery & More!



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