Review of True Learning Curriculum CD



I can remember when I was a young child, my mom taking all of us kids to Bradburn’s parent teacher store to get those school activity workbooks to do over the summer.  We never complained, we actually enjoyed brushing up on what we learned during the school year, so that when we returned in the Fall, we weren’t completely lost and feeling like we’ve forgotten everything we’ve already learned.  True Learning has come up with something even better!  An Award Winning Early Curriculum  2 CD Set that contains over 3,000 printable activities for your child in 6 core subjects (math, literacy, thinking, motor skills, art, and the world)!  Each subject consists of four levels of advancement so that your child can gradually progress as they learn.  Kids of all ages will find the activities encouraging, fun, and interesting and will stimulate your child at every level.  It will allow you to spend quality time with them while showing them how much you value learning, as well as building their confidence at the same time.  Both MAC and PC compatible!  

Available at


Bonus!  True Learning donates 25% of their profits to educational and charitable efforts directed toward children.


Click HERE to sign up on True Learning’s website and get free sample pages, special offers, and more emailed to you!



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