Review of LEGO’s BIONICLE Series Phantoka Toa Kopaka



The LEGO BIONICLE Theme is extremely popular this season!  The Toa Nuva is on a mighty mission, they must take to the skies to battle the evil, bat-like Makuta!  Together, they are the Phantoka.  We had the fun opportunity to review the Phantoka Toa Kopaka Lego Kit.  Once the kit is put together, you are left with an awesome Toa Kopaka figure that you can bend and pose!  Toa Kopaka is the Ice and Snow Warrior with the Mask of X-Ray Vision!  It also features a Midak Skyblaster tipped with an ice bayonet that really fires!  Collect all six figures in the Phantoka series!  Each figure has an available Matoran counterpart that can help them on their missions and supply them more power in battle.  Ages 7-16.  Available at  


We are excited to announce that Lego has graciously supplied us with Phantoka Toa Kopaka’s counterpart, Solek,  for a giveaway!  Please click HERE to enter!


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