Review of Walking Wings




I was so excited when I stumbled upon Walking Wings from!  This innovative product was invented by a Mom, and like they say, Mom knows best!  As a nanny for 8+ years, I’ve had my fair share of trying to teach babies to walk.  My back starts to ache from being crouched over and holding their hands up.  With Walking Wings, you can stand in an upright  position while guiding your little one along – no twisting or tugging on their little arms, and no back pain!  It provides a sense of freedom for your baby, while at the same time providing a more natural walking experience.  It also prevents less falls for your little one!  The padded support vest is super easy to fasten around the chest of your baby and the two detachable straps can be adjusted to your height and has padded handles for your own comfort.  It’s available in two colors, pink and navy.  The navy has a blue striped pattern inside and the pink has a pink flower pattern.  My father is a Chiropractor and helped me test out Walking Wings.  He was absolutely thrilled with the no back pain aspect of it and recommends it to all Moms & Dads!  Available at



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