Review of Braincandy Kids DVD’s




We love when we find both educational and entertaining products for our little ones.  That’s just what we found in Braincandy Kids Award Winning DVD’s!  Created by parents Sam Reich-Dagnen and Johnny Dagnen, the DVD’s are based around the five senses and include: Hear My World, Taste My World, Smell My World, See My World, and Touch My World.  What’s great about Braincandy is that the DVD’s and CD’s influence children and teach them “how” to think rather than “what” to think.  It teaches them that learning is fun as well as providing a hands-on learning experience.  Each DVD has a special “sense” character that helps your child discover each of their senses in the world around them.  The sense gang includes: Bruce Brain, Ivy Eyes, Ana Ear, Nusi Nose, Mojo Mouth and Harry Hand.  Braincandy Kids motivates your children to join in on these fun learning experiences by using real kids that encourage them and set examples for interaction and participation.  Like their website says, “Braincandy is… smart food for little minds!”  Available at

Click HERE to see a preview of Braincandy Kids Award Winning DVD’s!

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