Review: Bella Pamella Apron




When I see a beautiful apron, it reminds me of my Grandma  (Mema) as I call her, in the kitchen, stirring up something scrumptious.  There is something about an apron – maybe it’s the fact that it holds special memories from baking cookies with my Mom and Sister, to Grandma preparing the Christmas meal for the family to share.  As Bella Pamella says, it’s like a uniform.  A uniform that signifies the owners identity, of being connected to her home and her family.  Bella Pamella has a variety of beautiful aprons to choose from.  I was  fortunate enough to receive the “Katherine” apron in the Red Botanical pattern you see above.  It also comes in Blue Botanical and Bella Cherry.  Bella Pamella also has aprons for kids as well as a variety of other styles including the  “Eunice”, and  “Nora.”  She also has “Lucy” hair snugs.  Start sharing special memories today and be identified by your Bella Pamella apron!


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