Review of Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies




We took one bite of these cookies and felt like we WERE in heaven!  From Chocolate Eclipse Cookies to the Toffee Chocolate Chip, each bite was a new experience inviting new flavors and textures! 

If you love toffee, the Toffee Chocolate Chip Cookies are for you!   Each cookie center has a mound of chocolate chips, English Toffee, and almonds.  The Chocolate Eclipse are fun to look at and even more fun to eat with the double chocolate cookie half dipped in white chocolate.  And of course we can’t forget about the classics: Chocolate Chip and Oatmeal Raisin.  Pure Heaven!



2 Responses to “Review of Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies”

  1. For more heavenly gourmet cookies from try the new chocolate macaroons – as they say: they’re sinfully delicious.

  2. 2 Mira

    Great review of Heidi’s Heavenly Cookies! They certainly are, as they say, “sinfully delicious.” I have some in the freezer right now and the Rocky Road is calling my name! 😉 They are definitely the best gift.

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