Review of Divvies Gourmet Popcorn & Candy




Having allergies to foods and ingredients is no fun at all.  Thank goodness for DivviesDivvies is a bakery that offers delicious cookies, cupcakes, popcorn, and candy – all made without peanuts, tree nuts, eggs, or milk.  So delicious and sweet & fun to eat!  There are 3 different varieties of popcorn to choose from: Carmel Corn, Carmel Chocolate Corn, & Kettle Corn.  The Kettle Corn for a crowd came in a big striped circus box, complete with matching blue & white striped bags and a scoop.  It is the perfect thing to bring to a family birthday party for all to share, without having to worry about anyone’s allergies!  Divvie’s BingGo gourmet chocolate bars are all made without nuts and dairy and that’s not all!  They are made in a dedicated facility so nuts & dairy never get in the door!  Visit to check out all of their Gourmet Goodies!



One Response to “Review of Divvies Gourmet Popcorn & Candy”

  1. What a flattering review! Thank you so much. Our youngest son, Benjamin is the inspiration behind Divvies. He was born with life-threatening food allergies to many ingredients. Divvies philosophy is that eating should be a shared, inclusive experience…not exclusive. I love that you hit home the idea that Divvies products are so delicious, everyone will enjoy them (food allergies or not). Thank you! Thank you!

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